Vol.1, No.7

Toddler valentine's crafts

Try these fun, easy-to-do Valentine's day projects with your toddler!

Glitter Valentine's heart

You will need:

2 sheets of wax paper for each heart you want to make

A medium or large heart template

A pencil


Assorted colored crayons (great way to use up old broken bits)

A small crayon or pencil sharpener

An iron set on low heat


Spread out newspapers to protect your work space and make clean-up easy.

Trace the heart template onto the wax paper with a pencil. If the child is old enough to cut reasonably well along the line, let him do so with safety scissors. If not, it is best for an adult to pre-cut the wax paper shapes and lay them out with the craft supplies, ready to use.

Give the child the crayons and sharpener. If it has a catch for shavings, take it off- you want the shavings. Let the child select a crayon and begin sharpening it over the heart, allowing the shavings to fall at random. Have her put as many shavings in as many color combinations as she would like. If you have an extra sharpener, you may wish to make some extra shavings on scrap papers that the child can sprinkle on the heart, if desired.

When she says she is finished, cover that wax paper heart with another of the same size and shape, matching up the edges.

An adult should do this step, and keep children at a safe distance. Take the iron on low heat and gently press it on top of the heart 5 second intervals. Do this until all of the crayons inside are melted and the hearts are secured to each other.

Tape the hearts to a sunny window, and the light will shine through the melted wax. Or you can punch holes in them and hang them up in front of a window.


You will need:

Small craft foam hearts in assorted colors and shapes

popsicle sticks from the craft store (the narrow kind)

paste or white craft glue

spanish moss

a small terracotta flower pot

a block of floral foam, cut to fit snugly in the pot

a ribbon

Place the floral foam in the flower pot.

Have the child spread some craft glue or paste on top of it and cover with spanish moss. Set aside.

Let the child glue small hearts to the top of several craft sticks.

Let the child poke the ends of the sticks half-way into the foam, so the hearts are sticking up out of them like flowers (if you like, you can paint the craft sticks green first and let them dry).

Tie the ribbon around the pot and display your little heart garden as a decoration or center piece.


Shoe box

plain paper (butcher, wrapping, craft, etc.)

craft glue

Markers, rubber stamps, crayons, etc.

stickers, buttons, feathers, etc.

Take an old shoe box and cut a slit in the top. Wrap it in plain paper, the top separately from the bottom.

Have the child decorate the box by drawing on it or attaching things to it until he is satisfied.

Use the mail box to collect valentines day cards.


You will need:

4 medium (about pre-cut craft paper hearts per project

1 large craft popsicle stick

Yarn or string


Pipe cleaners

Markers, stickers, rubber stamps, etc.


Tape a piece of pipe cleaner to the back of each heart (cut it to size so that it does not extend beyond the heart). They provide support for the wings so they don't flop.

Take the large craft stick and help your child tape the four hearts to the back by the points, two on each side, so that the hearts fan out from it like butterfly wings. It should be pipe-cleaner side up at this point.

Turn it over and lay it on some newspaper so the pipe cleaners are. Let your child decorate the wings, and draw a face on the pop stick if desired.

Take two more cuttings from the pipe cleaners and tape on antennae.

Tape a string to the back of the pop stick to hang up the flutterfly, or tie them to a hanger to make a mobile.


This is both a craft and a recipe, fun for children to make and eat. You will need:

Pancakes (frozen or your own cooked pancakes)

large heart cookie cutter

a filler, such as peanut butter or preserves

a safe butter or spreading knife

whipped cream


An adult should make the pancakes, and when they are cool enough to work with, the child can press the cookie cutter into them to make heart shape cut outs.

Lay one pancake heart on a plate and allow the child to spread a thin layer of the jam or peanut butter on it.

Cover with another pancake heart. Top with a dollop of whipped cream and a cherry.