Vol.2, No.9

How to put pin curls in hair

It's easy, yet time-consuming to put hair in pin curls. Here's a couple of methods, one of which will save you time.

Pins for curls
Photo Credit: Daniel Norman
You can make gentle curls in your hair by rolling small sections of hair onto small rollers and placing them vertically in your hair. But, rollers aren't needed for every type of hair setting process. Sometimes you can simply use bobby pins or clips to set hair. That's the case with making pin curls.

Pin curls are difficult to do with dry hair. The hair falls every which way and doesn't lay flat against the head. For this reason it's best to make pin curls with wet hair. Wash hair and towel dry. Allow to air dry for a few additional minutes to prevent the hair from being soaking wet.

How you section the hair for pin curls is important. Try to work with any natural parts for starters. Since pin curls are made by cutting out square sections of hair with a comb there will be parts made in the hair. Place the curls in exact rows so that one curl covers up the part, made by the comb, of the next curl.

To set the curls section off a small block of hair on the top. Hold the strand between the fingers and palm of one hand while placing your pointer finger in the center of the block. Use your other hand to begin wrapping the strand of hair around and around your finger. When you have it wrapped completely place bobby pins in a cris-cross shape over the curl. Make sure the bobby pin not only catches the entire curl but is very close to the scalp as well. If you don't the curl will fall away from the scalp leaving you with half a curl.

Make the second curl on top of the head as well. After doing the top row from temple to temple drop down and do a second row. Each curl should be aligned under the above curl. Setting solution can be applied before wrapping each curl and bobby-pinning into place. The setting solution can also be used to assist with dry curling.

If you remove pin curls then comb through all the hair you'll have more of a wavy appearance rather than distinct pin curls. That's fine if it's the look you want but if you want individual curls remove each set of bobby pins then comb the curl slightly before allowing it to fall. Start from the bottom curls and work your way upwards.

A slightly different but easier way to make pin curls is to section off a strand of hair and wrap it in tin foil. The foil doesn't have to be perfectly wrapped around the strand. You can simply scrunch it into place. Now roll the foil up towards the scalp. Bobby pin into place. It takes a little longer for the foil wrapped sections to dry but they take much less time to put into place.

You can sleep on either method then remove the curls in the morning. Or you can use a dryer for the bobby pin method but it's not recommended for the foil treatment. You can, however, use a blow dryer to speed up the process of drying the foil.