Though iPhone owners are the envy of many a crowd, the gadgets do have a notorious flaw: A limited battery life, especially when they are used to simultaneously surf the Web, listen to tunes, and text with friends.
Enter the Solar iPhone Charger from Solar Arcadia ($45.95). The case made from reclaimed sheepskin doubles as a solar charger that supplies juice directly to the smart phone, even under artificial light.
The limited life of Apple's batteries "is really one of the more important reasons people are buying this," said Deborah Robinson, the chief executive officer of Novothink, the research and development firm that created the case.

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Reproduced with permission of MSNBC, from 8 solar gadgets, from the serious to the silly: From a cell phone-charging ski jacket to a battery-extending iPhone case by John Roach, 2008; permission conveyed through Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.

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