Reasons to Be Hopeful

Eazibee hails from the UK but now lives in New York, where she works as a consultant - focused on health and environmental issues in developing countries - alongside raising a young family. She devotes any free time she has left to screenwriting and blogging. Reasons to be Hopeful (RTBH) is her principal blog, which she started in October 2007 in an effort to counter the negativity dominating the mainstream newswires by finding and sharing really positive tales from different communities across the globe. By 11th October 2008, Eazibee had posted a leap-year's worth of good news stories - reviewing 366 hopeful articles (and some additional ones sent in by RTBH readers) from news outlets across the world. One for every single day... RTBH is no longer a daily endeavour, but Eazibee still posts good news stories from across the world on a regular basis and has new bloggers joining to expand the RTBH team. Reader submissions are also warmly encouraged! Please feel free to send any good stories you come across to eazibee(at) for review. To read more about Reasons to be Hopeful, take a look at these reports from February and November 2008.

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