About Baby Gift Baskets

Sending a present to a new baby is a kind gesture most parents appreciate. Baby gift baskets can be an especially thoughtful idea when care is used in selecting the contents. Take the time to research what the new baby needs and what the new parents prefer, and you'll have a great gift to give!

About Baby Gift Baskets
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Like the idea of giving a variety of small baby gifts? Of course, you can use a decorative basket, but instead of a basket, consider using something practical, and then match the contents to fit the theme of the container.
Baby Bathtub
Fill a baby bathtub with toys, baby washcloths, baby body wash and shampoo. Tuck a baby bath towel over the top to hide the contents, tie on a ribbon and you're done.
Diaper Pail or Bag
Find out whether the mom is planning to use cloth or disposable diapers. Once you know that, you can include the appropriate diapers, diaper pins and plastic pants for cloth diapers, diaper pail deodorizers, diaper wipes and waterproof lap pads. Put a bow on the lid of a pail for a festive look. Tie curled ribbons to the diaper bag.
Plastic Sand Bucket
Think fun in the tub, such as rubber ducks, plastic boats, shovels and scoops. Make sure any items are safe for children under age 3. Close with plastic wrap, or place in the center of a baby bath towel, scoop up the ends of the towel and tie a ribbon around the neck of the towel to hold everything inside.
Laundry Basket or Hamper
Your imagination and pocketbook are the limit here. This is a good choice, if several people want to go together to get a group gift. Go with a theme for baby clothes, perhaps undershirts and socks, along with some diapers. Or maybe choose sleepwear and a baby blanket, or outdoor clothing and a heavy baby blanket or quilt.

Another option is to do feeding items: bibs, bottles, washcloths, bottle brush, nursing pads (if mom plans to nurse), sippy cups, baby dishes and silverware.

Small Toy Box or Basket
See if you can match the nursery décor with this item. Again, this is a good choice for a group gift, as it can be expensive. Choose toys appropriate by age: stuffed animals, blocks, baby books and more. Or buy a toy set that works well when the baby is lying on a blanket. These often have removable hanging toys that provide the non-mobile baby with entertainment he can look at and try to grab.