Birthday Cake Ideas for Dad

Creating a birthday cake Dad will love can be easy and a lot of fun. Birthday cakes for men can be sports related, funny, or simply classic. Whatever you do, don't use pink frosting!

He watched you take your first steps. He taught you how to play ball. He cried at the birth of your first child, but tried not to show it. So now you want to come up with the perfect birthday cake for your Dad. He'll probably love anything you get him, but if you use a little imagination, you can come up with some creative birthday cake ideas.
What does Dad like to do in his spare time? Include it in the theme of his cake. Is he an avid golfer? Get him a golf ball or a nine-iron cake. A NASCAR fan? Include a race track and toy cars on the cake -- and make sure you have his favorite car winning the race.
Cakes come in almost any shape you can imagine: from a tape measure and saw for the handyman Dad to a grill with hot dogs and hamburgers on it for the barbecuing Dad. If you are making the cake yourself and do not know how to sculpt it, specialty food and baking shops offer a variety of cake molds, and some even give lessons.
Spell It Out
A fun, easy-to-make treat is a D-A-D cake. You need two cake pans: an 8-inch circular and an 8-inch square pan. After the cakes have cooled, cut the round cake in half, to form the two Ds. Make a triangle out of the square cake by starting at the midpoint and making two angular slices -- this will be the A. Arrange the pieces on a platter or cookie sheet to spell out DAD, then ice it and outline it to make the letters clear.
For a first-time Dad, use an edible photograph of him and his new baby. For a Dad turning 40, make a hill-shaped cake with a man running down the side. Finally 50 Dad: Decorate his cake like an AARP membership card, as he is now eligible to join.
Adults should always supervise when younger children are helping bake Dad's cake. It only takes a few seconds for a serious burn to happen.
Disney Family Fun- D-A-D Cake
Anna Kelly, Professional Cake Decorator, Ft. Myers, FL
Tasty Foto Art- edible inks and paper