Birthday Party Favor Bag Ideas

Making birthday party favors yourself can be a great, cheap alternative to expensive pre-packaged kits. Party supplies can get very expensive, but making themed goody bags is an easy way to save your money.

Birthday Party Favor Bag Ideas
Favor bags are a popular sight at kids' birthday parties. Small tokens of appreciation give the guests a treat to take home at the end of the celebration. Creative favor bag ideas will make your birthday party more memorable for all of the guests.
Craft Kits
Make a craft kit related to the birthday theme. Place all of the necessary supplies and the instructions to complete the craft into a birthday party favor bag. Guests can assemble the craft at the party or take it home to complete.
Personalized Cookie
Bake sugar cookies in a shape that relates to the birthday party theme. Ice the cookies, and personalize them with a thank-you message to each child. Place the personalized cookies in a decorative cellophane bag tied with a ribbon.
Flower Pot Favors
Purchase a small flower pot and seed packet for each guest. Place the flower pot inside the favor bag or wrap it in colorful cellophane.
Favor Boxes
Favor boxes are an alternative to favor bags. Fill the small boxes with candy or treats, and allow the birthday child to decorate each box for the guests.
Party Hat Favors
Fill a small bag with candy or other small treats. Tuck the bag of treats inside the party hats. When the guests pick up their party hats, they'll be surprised with the favor bag inside.
Favor Buckets
Purchase small decorative buckets from a craft or discount store. Place the favor treats inside the bucket, and tie a ribbon on the handle.
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