Homemade Birthday Gifts for Best Friends

Everyone wants to give their best friend a special gift for their birthday, but you may be fresh out of special ideas. Don't worry! Finding birthday gift ideas for someone special can be as simple as collecting your memories and creating a beautiful presentation.

Homemade birthday gifts are much more personal than gifts you buy at a store. Your best friend will be touched by the effort, thought and genuine care you have put into a homemade gift.
Scrapbook or Memory Album
Select photos of the good times you and your friend have shared over the years and highlight them in scrapbook layouts. Write about memories of the adventures, school days, trips or serious times that you treasure from the friendship.
Afghan, Quilt or Prayer Shawl
Crochet, knit, weave or hand-piece a warm project that wraps around your best friend like a hug. You can find patterns at any craft store, in magazines and at online sources to make these projects.
Visit a bead store or jewelry component aisle in a craft store to find a wide array of beautiful birthstones, beads and other adornments. You can make a set of earrings, bracelets, a necklace or cuff links for your best friend.
Pack up a batch of cookies, baked pies, bars, candy or a fully decorated birthday cake for a heart-felt dessert gift for your best friend's birthday. Make up an entire meal of your friend's favorites with all the trimmings for a gift that shows you care to send a special treat for the occasion.
Hand-Painted Items
Choose an unfinished wood product, glassware or ceramic bisque item to paint for your friend. Hand-paint the item with your friend's favorite fruit, animals, still-life image or flowers for a storage container or serving dish.
Get out your camera or paintbrushes, oils, watercolors or acrylics and canvas to create a piece of art for your friend's home or office. Paint or photograph a landscape, seascape or still life that will have meaning for your best friend.
Homemade Gifts and Crafts