Office Decorating Tips for Birthdays

Office birthdays usually mean one thing: birthday cake! Taking the time to decorate a coworker's cubicle, office, or desk is a gesture they will appreciate, but be sure you don't overdo it!

Let your coworkers know how much you appreciate them by decorating the office for their birthdays. Following these tips can help you make the office a festive and celebratory environment on birthdays.
Choose colors that are appropriate for both male and female birthday celebrations. Incorporate professional-looking colors like blue, green or orange so that the decorations are gender-neutral and reusable.
Hang Banners
Hang one or two brightly colored "Happy Birthday" banners visible to someone entering the office. Also hang banners above the entryways.
Use streamers to decorate the cubicles, chairs or desks. Wrap a few wastebaskets in brightly colored streamer paper.
Have coworkers help to inflate balloons for the birthday celebration. Add a few mylar helium balloons to the birthday individual's desk.
Be careful decorating with items such as "silly string." This may get messy and become a hindrance once it's time to get back to work. Also, if you wrap streamers around things such as a telephone or chair, make sure that they don't impede individuals from working. Remove any combustible decorations following the festivities.
CPSC Holiday Decoration Safety
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