How to Write Birthday Greetings

Writing funny, romantic, and clever birthday greetings or poems doesn’t have to be a challenge. You can pen the birthday wishes yourself with your own creative touch, or you can use any free birthday greeting or quote to celebrate the big day.

How to Write Birthday Greetings
Whether you want to write birthday greetings to sell to greeting card companies or you simply want to create an original, heartfelt birthday message for a friend or loved one, you don't need to be a professional writer. Finding the right words to express a happy birthday message takes just a little thought and patience. Here's how you can write birthday greetings for fun or for profit.
How to Write Birthday Greetings

Step 1
Decide whom will receive the greeting. If you are writing for a birthday greeting to submit to a greeting card company, make your birthday message universal. Think of jokes and sentiment that everyone can relate to. Since this is a birthday greeting, jokes and comments about age can be effective for funny cards. If you're writing a birthday greeting for a friend or relative, think of what that person means to you and incorporate that into the greeting.
Step 2
Consider writing an original birthday poem. It can be funny, with subject matter that talks about wrinkles and having a hard time getting around, or it can be something that talks about friends and sharing many more birthdays. If you're writing a birthday greeting for your significant other, combine romance with the birthday greeting for an extra special message.
Step 3
Keep your writing age appropriate. For young children, write a birthday greeting that will make them laugh. Keep it short and simple. Kids want to get to the gifts, so unless you can get their attention with something they can relate to, they probably won't pay much attention to the birthday greeting. Try incorporating one of their favorite cartoon characters.
Step 4
Consider writing lyrics to a popular song (which you will name in parenthesis) so the person you give the card to will feel compelled to sing the tune as they read your birthday message. The tune of "Happy Birthday" is obviously an appropriate choice.
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pen and paper/computer
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