Vol.2, No.4
Piercings and Tattoos

Different tattoo removal options

Safety risks of body piercings

Tattoo designs you'll regret

Photo Credit: Roberta Osborne

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The Piercings And Tattoos Issue

 A Letter From The Editor

Tattoos and piercings together form a new wave in body art based on practices and designs that are centuries old. Drawing between the modern and the traditional, a tattoo artist forms beautiful images on the body of a human. Piercings also can be used to elaborate or subtle effect. Of course, there are practical concerns to getting a tattoo or piercing. Is it safe? Will I regret it? This issue tries to answer a few of those common questions, and provides reminders about aftercare for some common piercings.


Patricia Meyer
HappyNews Editor

 Piercings and Tattoos : Table of Contents

» How to care for an eyebrow piercing » Tips on caring for a new tattoo » Henna tattoo ink » Piercing cleaning starter kit products » Body piercing pain comparisons » How to care for an ear piercing » How to care for a lip piercing » How to care for a tattoo » How to care for a tongue piercing » Different tattoo removal options » Different types of ear piercings » Ear piercing stretching » Tattoo health risks » Henna tattoo removal » Identifying a qualified piercing artist » Laser tattoo removal » What is it like to get your ear pierced? » Common piercing jewelry allergies » Safety risks of body piercings » Tattoo aftercare instructions » Tattoo designs you'll regret » Tattoo fading and distortion » Where to get your ears pierced » Tattoo artists and sanitation guidelines