Daily Exercises for Kids

It's become more important than ever for kids to exercise every day. From exercise programs, videos, and classes for kids, the options for getting kids in shape is easier than ever!

Daily Exercises for Kids
Kids naturally get a lot of exercise by running around and playing outside and just generally being rambunctious. At least that used to be the case. Since the 1980s things have changed quite a bit for kids. Video games keep kids indoors longer than before. Playgrounds and vacant lots are no longer as omnipresent. The dangers associated with being outside and unsupervised have made it very difficult for many kids to get the outdoor exercise they used to get. For this reason, a few daily exercise routines should be encouraged by parents; especially if those parents have kids who drink a lot of soda and eat a lot of junk food and fast food.
A family with a pool in the backyard often doesn't realize it's got a gym. While the family pool is most often used for fun, it is also a terrific place for exercise. Swimming can exercise all the muscles that a growing child needs to develop without the worry associated with using weights or the impact of jogging. Of course, no child should be allowed to exercise in the pool without constant adult supervision.
Calisthenics may have gone out of style in P.E. class at many schools, but they are a mainstay in the military so they must have some use. Besides, exercises like jumping jacks, toe touches, deep knee bends, push-ups and sit-ups are easy to learn and can be made fun by making a game out of them. Get the kids to see if they can do more each day and it becomes a kind of contest in which they are pitted only against their own limitations.
Jump Rope and Hula-Hoop
Kids don't jump rope or Hula-Hoop much anymore, or at least not after a certain age. The popularity of the Hula-Hoop exercise on Nintendo's Wii Fit has brought this oldie but goodie back into the forefront, and there are even virtual jump rope exercises. Nothing beats the real thing, however, and both jumping rope and the Hula-Hoop offer benefits for children. In addition to exercising muscles, both the rope and the hoop improve coordination, facilitate the flow of blood to the brain, and enhance flexibility.
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