Kids Fun Games and Ideas

Looking to entertain your kids? Kids games can be fun AND educational! Be creative and your kids can have hours of FREE fun and games.

Kids Fun Games and Ideas
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Some of the best entertainment requires minimal supplies or uses what's around the house. Your kids complaining they're bored? Try one of these games or activities.
Tag, Hide n' Seek, Charades, Red Light Green Light, Hopscotch and Marbles. These activities and classic board games may seem dated to you, but if kids haven't yet experienced them, they're brand new.
Activities with Extras
Toy Pick-Up Fun. We created this one for our children to turn a chore into a game. The children may only pick up one item at a time, it must fit the category the adult offers, and the item must be put away. For example: "Pick up something under a chair." Besides location, use colors, shapes, types of toys (a doll, toy tool), material (plastic, wood, fabric), texture (soft, hard), what they do with it (something you wear), or by letters (something that begins with the letter of your first name). It's more fun for the kids if the adult isn't in the room, although as more and more items disappear, peeking in helps the adult choose categories.

Nature Scavenger Hunt. Hunt for nature items appropriate to the setting (beach, forest or backyard) and educate. Pick very specific items for the children to gather or photograph (using inexpensive digital cameras). At the beach, the list might include mussel shell, driftwood, seaweed, or a clam shell. At home, what about a weed, a clover leaf, and an insect native to your yard? Your list might be pictures for younger children.

Household Activities
Cooking. Kids often like to help mix and stir and scoop spoonfuls of batter or play with dough. Yes, they may make a mess, but they'll enjoy the time helping make something to eat.

Home Repair and Projects. Children not old enough to do it themselves can hand you tools, screws and parts. For older kids, provide scrap wood, a hammer and nails, and let them hammer away. An older child can learn to use a handsaw. A dowel is a good practice size of wood to cut.

Games for the Dark
Sardines. This is best played in the house with the lights out. Instead of the "it" person trying to find the ones hiding, she hides. As each child finds her, they slip into her hiding place and both stay quiet. How long does it take before only one child is left, wandering around, wondering where the rest went? This person becomes the new "it." This is a great sleepover game.

Murder. Play inside or outside, though you'll need some light, such as a campfire or candles. The murderer is chosen by lot. The child who is "It" winks at someone else in the circle. That person counts to 3 and then "dies." "It" continues the killing spree. The others alive try to catch the murderer before only two people are left.

Create a Variation. Use "glow in the dark" materials to play Frisbee, Hot Potato, Keep Away and more. Use a clear area to avoid accidents.