Flower Bed Ideas on a Budget

What To Look For
Don't let a store fool you into buying expensive tools and supplies you don't need. You can start a simple flower garden with only a shovel, a watering can and some flower seeds or plants. Choose a metal shovel for easier digging, and a large watering can with a handle at the top instead of on the side. This handle works best for carrying a heavy amount of water. The larger watering can also allows you to hold more water and make fewer trips to fill it up.

Choose flowers based on their care instructions. Find flowers that grow best in the conditions in your area. Consider whether your garden gets more sunlight or shade, and the average rainfall. Plants that thrive best on their own will require less money to maintain them by eliminating the need for expensive fertilizers. Forget-me-not's are one good choice. They like the shade and require almost no care.

Common Pitfalls
Choosing flowers that are hard to care for or not meant to grow in your area is asking for trouble. They'll require constant attention and money to keep them alive, and they may die anyway. Wait until you're sure the last frost of the year has passed before putting out new plants. A late frost can kill flowers. If you want to save money for the next year, choose perennial plants, which bloom every year. Then you won't have to put out new seeds after these flowers die.
Where To Buy
Wal-Mart offers a gardening section filled with cheap plants and supplies. Read the instructions on the tag stuck into the soil of each plant's container to see how they should be cared for. You can also ask friends or family members for seeds or plants from their garden. Yard sales and flea markets are good places to find gardening tools at a discount, though basic tools are usually just as cheap to buy new at a Wal-Mart or Target.
A small gardening shovel can be purchased for $10 or less from a local Wal-Mart store. Flowers can be bought for under $5, depending on the plant, and seeds can be bought for $3 or less. A large plastic watering can will likely be the highest priced item on your list, averaging between $10 and $15. You may find a watering can at a yard sale for only a few dollars, or at your local dollar store for under $2 after tax. Check that it's big enough for your needs and easy to carry. Buying a cheap watering can you won't use is a waste of money.
Insider Tips
Plant your garden in an area of your yard that has the best soil. If you cannot plant your garden there, dig up the good soil and shovel it in around your flowers. This acts as free fertilizer for your new plants.
Flower Bed Ideas