Types of Flowers Good for Bouquets

Creating a flower bouquet might seem daunting if you're new to the task, but learning a bit about different flowers will make it simple. From weddings to home décor, grouping the right flowers together makes all the difference.

Types of Flowers Good for Bouquets
Flower bouquets decorate homes, express people's feelings and are part of religious ceremonies. In ancient Roman and Greek civilizations, people used bouquets to honor their gods and decorate banquet tables. Today, people give bouquets for many reasons; however, the primary reason is to show friends, families, business associates and others that you care.
Dried Flowers
You can air-dry some flowers for bouquets, or you can buy them from a florist or flower market. Dried flowers include statice, straw flowers, hydrangeas, goldenrod and heather. Cattails and wheat are also good additions to a bouquet. If you add fresh flowers to a dried flower bouquet, you can keep the dried flowers for future arrangements.
Fragrant Flowers
Carnations, gardenias, paper whites (narcissus), lilacs and freesias are popular choices for fragrant bouquets. Peonies, star-gazer lilies and lavender are other sweet-smelling flowers. Lavender is quite fragrant and dries well for use in sachets or closets later. Roses from hothouses are not very fragrant, but homegrown roses smell sweet.
Short Flowers
Hyacinths, gardenias, delphiniums, dianthus, lily of the valley, alstroemeria lilies, violets and tuberoses are short flowers for bouquets.
Tall Flowers
Sunflowers, birds of paradise, gladiolas, iris, stock and calla lilies are the tallest of the flowers good to use in bouquets. Other flowers such as foxglove, gerbera daisies, roses, some orchids, baby's breath, statice, cockscombs, blazing star asters, cosmos and carnations also grow quite tall.
Meanings of Flowers
If you want to tailor your bouquet with flowers that embody love, use red roses, lilacs, asters, red chrysanthemums, pink carnations and red tulips. Lilacs, white roses, freesias and daisies stand for innocence. Alstroemeria lilies, freesias and yellow roses mean friendship. Chrysanthemums wish someone a long life. Blue hydrangeas and delphiniums symbolize loyalty and faithfulness. Hyacinths express sincerity and constancy. Orchids stand for beauty. Peonies represent honor, riches, prosperity and romance. White tulips symbolize forgiveness, and yellow tulips mean you are thinking happy thoughts about someone. Sunflowers represent the sun and convey warm, adoring, happy thoughts.
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