(Jimmy McBride) The galaxy M64, also known as the Black Eye Galaxy, is immortalized in a quilt for sale on the Etsy craft website.
NASA and Etsy Partner for Space Craft Contest
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OCTOBER 14, 2010
By Press Release

If you've ever been inspired by astronauts, black holes and zero gravity, you can put your inspiration to work in a contest currently being hosted by Etsy and NASA.
After 50 momentous years and over 130 missions to the cosmos, NASA's Space Shuttle Program will draw to a close in 2011 as it reaches its long-term goal of completing the International Space Station. To honor the program and celebrate its many accomplishments, Etsy is calling all crafters for designs inspired by NASA and the wonders of space exploration.
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There are three categories in which to enter designs:
2D Original Art (painting, drawing, hand-pulled print, mixed media or flat collage)
2D Art Reproduction (photographic or computer-generated print)
3D Art (any size or material — this includes anything not 2D, wearable art and soft sculpture are acceptable)
To get your intergalactic energy flowing, Etsy suggests visiting the expansive NASA image archives for inspiration. The photos and renderings are available to use as part of craft designs, but are not required.
The deadline to enter is November 2, 2010. For information on how to enter, judging criteria, official Rules and Regulations, etc., go to the NASA Space Craft Contest site:.
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