(Screenshot of MileWise.com ) MileWise seeks to simplify the process by serving as a metasearch engine for award seats. It will work for any user but is most effective for those who register and provide their specific frequent-flier account details.
Fly Free Faster by Mixing Miles and Money
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OCTOBER 28, 2012
Rob Lovitt, NBC News Contributor

Last week, the loyalty-program-management website MileWise.com unveiled Combo Fares, which allow travelers to use a combination of cash and miles (or points) to purchase two one-way fares on separate airlines. “Sometimes people don’t have 25,000 miles for a round trip ticket but they've got 12,500,” said MileWise co-founder and co-CEO Sanjay Kothari. “With Combo Fares, you can do one search and see all the different options for both outbound and return flights in one place.”
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