Kalee Buetow, the 3-year-old Seattle Seahawks fan, holds a stuffed animal version of Russell Wilson.
Is this the NFL's most adorable fan?
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OCTOBER 06, 2013

Kalee Buetow of Maple Valley, Washington may be the Seattle Seahawks' most adorable football fan. Not only can the 3-year-old name every single member on the team by heart, she can also recite the number on their jerseys.
‘She just sort of randomly started picking up on some names and would just be randomly talking about them as she was playing, and it was like, 'How did you remember that, you know?,’ said her father Evan Buetow to KOMO.
Kaylee was featured on 'Eric's Little Heroes', a KOMO program hosted by Eric Johnson dedicated to young sports fans and players.
Kalee’s love for the Seahawks led her to want to know just about everything about them. Instead of Kalee’s father reading his daughter books before bed, he reads her the team roster and adds a new player every night.
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