(Stock photo/Janice Richard) You can send love, thanks and support to soldiers in care of the Warrior and Family Support Center.
Do One Nice Thing for Wounded Warriors
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NOVEMBER 17, 2010
Debbie Tenzer, Do One Nice Thing

Tens of thousands of veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have suffered serious injuries, but they're seldom in the news. Maybe that's because they don't whine. They just deal with their situation.
What exactly is their situation? They have wounds we can see, and wounds we cannot see. Hospital stays last months or even years. Many of the families are in distress, financial and otherwise. Still, they don't ask for anything. But do you know what makes them feel a bit better? Two words they should hear more: Thank You.
You can send thanks and support to these strong, brave people in care of the Warrior and Family Support Center (WFSC) at Brooke Army Medical Center, Texas. WFSC provides a warm "living room" environment with the comforts of home for the wounded warriors and their families, who are far away from their own homes.
Please send any of the following:
1. Art kits for the children, for fun while spending long hours at the hospital.
2. Gift cards to Target and Walmart, to help families pay for diapers, food and other necessities.
3. Christmas and holiday cards. Put WFSC on your mailing list, and send thanks and love.
You can help without even leaving your desk, and it takes just a few minutes. Art kits and gift cards can be ordered online at Walmart, Target and Amazon, and delivered directly to the WFSC.
Address: Warrior and Family Support Center, 3138 Rawley Chamber, San Antonio, TX 78219, Attn: Ms. Judith Markelz
We can never replace what the wounded warriors and their families have lost. And even if we can't see them, we can still reach them, and we can say, "Thank you."
Join us for more ways to help at www.DoOneNiceThing.com.