(The Daily News) Members of the Michigan-based Sons of Thunder strength team include, from left, body builder Ken Etta, former Detroit Lions fullback Cory Schlesinger, national bodybuilder and team founder Dan Foor, strength athlete Mark Robb and former American Gladiator Paul Rogers. Sons of Thunder will be performing evening demonstrations at Greenville Community Church at 6:30 p.m. each night from Nov. 6 to Nov. 9.
Sons of Thunder Strength Team Performs in Michigan
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NOVEMBER 03, 2011
Ryan Schlehuber-Special Sections Editor , The Daily News

Sometimes it is hard to get a kid's attention.
Ripping a phone book in half or breaking a 3-foot thick concrete wall with your head might work, however.
For the Sons of Thunder strength team, that's exactly how they reach out to kids and adults in need of inspiration, guidance and motivation.
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Every day Dan Foor, a parole officer of 23 years, sees people who have gone down the wrong path in life. Through his nine-person demonstration team, which travels throughout Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, Foor hopes to head off trouble for youths by reaching out to them to teach them the better values of life.
"Kids need better role models than the professional athletes who get in trouble," said Foor, the founder of the Michigan-based Sons of Thunder and a former national bodybuilding champion. "Youths today need something more positive to look up to."
Enter the Sons of Thunder, a motivational ministry team that includes Foor, former Detroit Lions all-pro fullback Corey Schlesinger, former American Gladiator Paul Rogers, professional bodybuilder Ken Etta and strength athlete Mark Robb.
The team combines demonstrations of power, perseverance and integrity with motivational and inspiring words and stories to encourage youths and adults to make the right choice. Demonstrations include bending steel bars and frying pans with just their hands, breaking three bats at a time, breaking bricks and concrete walls with their heads and lifting a 300-pound log.
The Sons of Thunder strength team will be visiting several schools in Montcalm and Ionia counties and will have demonstrations at the Greenville Community Church at 6:30 p.m. each night from Nov. 6 to Nov. 9.
"These guys travel to a lot of schools and churches, giving youths and adults words of encouragement and giving them a great show," said Sons of Thunder manager Pam Foor, who is also Dan Foor's wife. "They teach working as a team, encouraging respect among teachers, parents and peers and saying no to drugs. It's a fun time for kids and we usually take volunteers to help with some of the demonstrations. These feats of strength are memorable attractions that get students listening to what the team is trying to really say."
Dan Foor said their efforts to reach out to trouble kids and adults has been paying off.
"I've seen many people's lives change from our programs," Foor said. "We receive many letters from kids who were thinking of committing suicide and have changed their lives around because they were inspired through us. These kids found out that there is help available and people who do care about them. We help show them there is always help."
Foor said he, Robb and Rogers will be on the three-day tour through Montcalm and Ionia counties and he is still hoping Schlesinger, a teacher in the Detroit area, can come, as well.
Go online to www.sonsofthunderteam.com for more information, or, for information on evening demonstrations at Greenville Community Church, call (616) 225-2105.
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