Group Launches Nutrition Support Line
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By Press Release

MyFoodPhone Nutrition Inc. is proud to announce the launch of MyFoodPhone (MFP) Community, a free service offered to all camera phone users in the USA and Canada, and soon in the UK! Feedback, advice and encouragement are proven to be part of a successful diet and wellness regimen. Now, camera phone users can get the support and tips they need to improve their own eating habits thanks to MFP Community. The Community lets members:
- Share their food journals with their MyFoodPhone buddies to get helpful tips and motivating feedback.
- Share ideas about cooking, vegetarian eating, managing diabetes and more!
- Find friends for one-on-one support or buddies with similar interests.
Just like with MyFoodPhone, members of MFP Community can build a personal “Visual Food Journal” at For more information about NASA visit by taking and sending pictures of the food they eat with their camera phones. They can share their food journals with their “buddies” and send each other comments, tips and support. It’s like having your friends at every meal helping you make the right choices! Support from people we trust motivates us the most.
MFP Community also features a forum section where members can easily share information on exciting topics, such as tips when eating out, performance eating for sports and nutrition during pregnancy. Moreover, MFP Community members benefit from many other features of the MyFoodPhone service, such as a bio data log and a personalized nutrition dashboard.
“We are thrilled to offer this service, so many of our members requested it!” says Sebastien Tanguay, General Manager of MyFoodPhone. “We all know that the biggest challenge when trying to improve eating habits is commitment - the motivation to stay on the right track. With MFP Community, our members benefit from the power of a group to help them in their quest for better nutrition. Friends, family and all people with a common goal or similar interests now have the perfect tool to share information, and more importantly, support each other in a fun and efficient way.”
“If you have to take a picture of what you eat, you are more likely to make better food choices. Taking pictures and seeing all the food you ate in a day is highly efficient as it makes you aware of your food intake. The picture food journal is pretty revealing and helps spot the areas to focus on for improvement.” says Laurie Plamondon, Head Dietitian at MyFoodPhone.
Members can upgrade to the full MyFoodPhone service for only $9.99 a month. The upgrade provides members with personalized video counseling from trained MyFoodPhone Nutrition Advisors.
MyFoodPhone Nutrition Inc. is a mobile-health application service provider. Its flagship product is MyFoodPhone, a camera-phone enabled, food-journal advisory service. MyFoodPhone is the world's first service that links individuals with their own nutrition record, coaches and advisors. The company also develops other mobile health, wellness, and medical devices and software packages that are in the process of being deployed throughout the world.