Gardener Weeds Out Parkinson’s Disease
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DECEMBER 15, 2008
Aparna Atluru, HappyNews Staff

Eric Harper of Paraparaumu, New Zealand was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 11 years ago. He is one of 250 Parkinson’s sufferers worldwide to take part in the medical trial of a new surgical procedure and medication.
The recent procedure consisted of a tube inserted into his small intestine, which allowed Harper to reduce his 33-tablet-a-day regimen down to one gel ampoule.
Previously, Harper was not able to walk for more than a few seconds without freezing up or entering involuntary spasms.
“I walked about four kilometers along the beach- I am over the moon,” said Harper. “It is a new lease on life for me. Miracles do happen at Christmas,” he added.
Harper is determined to work again as a gardener full-time, and got that endeavor under way my visiting the Waikanae nursery this past week, looking to plant a new garden for his wife Heidi. The nursery’s owner, Gus Evans, recognized Harper from a newspaper article, and gave him $1000 worth of plants. Mr. Harper’s dream is well on its way.
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