(Mama Smiles ) SCULPT ANOTHER MASTERPIECE When I travel with my kids, I always stow a package of colorful pipe cleaners in my carry-on. Being creative and twisting them into various shapes keeps them busy for hours. The best part? Pipe cleaners aren't messy or loud, and they don't take up a lot of space. Meghan A. Usmani, Queensbury, N.Y.
How to Have a Happier Flight
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DECEMBER 20, 2012

Enjoy your flight with these tips to keep you--and, more importantly, your kids--happy, healthy, and distracted on even the longest flight.
BLOCK OUT THE NOISE To block out noise on a long flight or in a noisy hotel, I downloaded an 80-minute white-noise track from iTunes onto my iPod. I keep the track on repeat, and it works wonders. It was only $10--which is much cheaper than a sound machine or noise-canceling headphones--and since it's on my iPod, I don't have to pack anything extra. Kim Paschen, Philadelphia, Pa.
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