(Getty ) Part of that decline will be due to a spike in lease terminations, which is expected to add extra inventory to the used car market and push prices lower, Arca said.
6 Things You'll Pay Less for in 2013
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JANUARY 22, 2013

Used cars, gas, vacation packages, solar panels and fancy laptops are all expected to cost less this year. Used car prices are expected to fall by several hundred dollars this year from 2012's average sales price of $16,000, said Richard Arca, a senior analyst at Edmunds.com.
While airfares are expected to rise, cost-conscious travelers can save hundreds of dollars if they book their airfare and hotel together — a feature offered on most travel booking sites, said Sarah Gavin, an Expedia.com spokeswoman. For popular resort locations, like Hawaii and Mexico, savings can reach up to $1,000 for a week-long vacation.