Midland, Texas High School Orchestra Gives Galveston Musical Gift
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DECEMBER 22, 2008
David Johnson, Citizen Journalist

The Midland High School Orchestra had planned to give the residents of Galveston a musical tour in the spring of 2009, but Hurricane Ike in September put a a stop to that. Now they are hoping to give a different kind of musical gift: a donation of instruments and funds.
They are asking local residents with extra band and orchestra instruments to donate them to Midland High School Orchestra, which is heading the drive. After a San Antonio tour during the first week of April the orchestra's six officers are planning to spend a weekend taking a U-Haul full of instruments to help their peers on the other side of the state.
Orchestra Director Shari Allison said her group found out about the need for instruments through Midland Independent School District Fine Arts Coordinator Deb Shaw, who had received a mass e-mail asking for help. Orchestra Director Shari Allison said she told the group officers about it and they "jumped" on it.
Five to six instruments have been offered so far and $1,600-$1,700 collected for the schools to purchase their own.
Bridget Eyler, also an event coordinator who plays the violin, said donations have come from passing a bucket at concerts and making announcements. "I think the whole city knows by now," she said, adding that it's "cool" to give back, knowing it's going directly to the schools.
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