A police dog named Vader has survived a 50 ft fall, and may be back at work as soon as next week. The heroic pooch is a two year German Shepherd who was only on his third day on the job with his handler PC Simon Jeffery, when the incident occurred. Vader had been called in to sniff out a driver who had stolen a car, crashed it, and had fled the scene. Vader, thinking he had caught the thief’s scent jumped over a four foot wall and fell into Bradford Beck, which had only eight inches of cold water in it, and had a concrete base. Handler Jeffrey says he thought Vader surely didn’t survive the impact, until her looked down and saw the pooch alive, looking back at him. “ I can’t believe he survived. He must be the luckiest dog in the country,” said Jeffrey.

Read more about Vader's recovery: http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/local/localbrad/4079905.Police_dog_Vader_recovers_after_50ft_fall_chasing_car_thief/