(Yahoo Shine ) If your number one priority is a tree that's going to make your home smell like Christmas, your best bet is the Douglas Fir. If you've inherited mountains of ornaments, the O'Neill sisters recommend Noble Firs, which are "perfect for decorating, with their strong branches and tiny needles."
How to Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree
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DECEMBER 08, 2012
Jessica Ferri , Decorating Guide

We've asked Christmas tree and decorating experts for tips on choosing the perfect tree, from selection, to caring for your tree, to the best part—decorating! "The most common question we get is 'what kind of tree lasts the longest?' says Kales Christmas Shop, located in Princeton, New Jersey. "Often called the Cadillac of Christmas trees, the Fraser Firs have an excellent combination of fragrance, needle retention, and striking beauty."
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