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6 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer
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FEBRUARY 20, 2013
Kim Komando, The Kim Komando Show

It ran so snappy when you bought it. Now you just want to toss it and head for the nearest electronics store.
Try these tricks to speed up your machine first. Your wallet will thank you!
1. Free up and optimize hard disk space: A hard drive that's nearly full will slow down your computer. First, get rid of temporary Internet and Windows files with the free program CCleaner.
2. Boost your browsing: A slow Internet connection is just as frustrating as a slow computer. The fix for that could be as simple as dumping Internet Explorer for the more nimble Firefox or Chrome.
Getting rid of junky toolbars will also streamline your browsing. You do this manually in the browser add-on settings, or use a program like Toolbar Cleaner.
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