(ShelterBox) ShelterBox is delivering boxes to five cities in Japan.
ShelterBox Mobilizes Quickly for Japanese in Need
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MARCH 21, 2011

A ShelterBox Response Team arrived on the ground in Japan less than 24 hours after the earthquake struck and has been working throughout the country ever since.
Since ShelterBox was founded in 2000, the charity has responded to some of the largest disasters in history including the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2010 Haiti earthquake and now the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011.
Alongside this, ShelterBox has helped many thousands of families who are affected by disasters that are not seen in the media. Simply put, if there is an unmet need for emergency shelter, ShelterBox will do everything it can to meet that need.
Read more about how ShelterBox has responded to the disaster in Japan: www.shelterbox.org/news
Read an interview with ShelterBox founder Tom Henderson on CNN: www.cnn.com/2011/WORLD/asiapcf/03/17/cnnheroes.henderson.japan
Helping a Country in Crisis
After a deadly earthquake and tsunami struck Japan last Friday, response team members from ShelterBox were on the ground within 24 hours. The organization, founded by 2008 CNN Hero Tom Henderson, provides emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies to families affected by disasters. These essentials come in a large, green box that shares the organization's name.