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Mystery Elf Door in Park Sparks Attention on the Web
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MARCH 30, 2013
Claudine Zap, The Sideshow

A tiny addition in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is getting big attention on the Web. A photo on the neighborhood site Richmondsfblog.com first published a photo of a teeny wooden door that mysteriously appeared at the bottom of a tree with a small, gnome-sized gap.
The door has opened up plenty of interest on the Internet—and spurred visitors to the urban oasis to explore the door that's not on any map. It can be found by searching for the grove of old trees in the park's concourse near the Golden Gate Band Shell between the de Young Museum and the California Academy of Sciences.
Creative theories about how it got there abound—mostly as fanciful as the mystery door itself. An elf? A fairy? A house for a mouse?
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