(New York Times/Redux/Eyevine ) Thomas Schultz, pictured, surrounded by paintings by Arthur Pinajian, an unknown artist whose house was filled with thousands of artworks when Mr Schultz bought it in 2007.
$300K Cottage Surprised New Owners with Paintings Worth $30MILLION
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MARCH 08, 2013
Hugo Gye, Daily Mail

Thomas Schultz and Larry Joseph snapped up the bungalow on New York's Long Island in 2007 intending to do it up and sell it on for around $100,000 more than they paid.
But they found thousands of abstract paintings and drawings by Armenian-American artist Arthur Pinajian, who lived in the house for decades but never received critical recognition during his lifetime.
Six years after the stunning discovery, the work has been valued at $30 million and some of the works have gone on display in a Manhattan gallery where he had always dreamed of exhibiting.
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