(Rufus Canty ) Rufus Canty posted this picture of Comet PanSTARRS to the Cosmic Log Facebook page on Tuesday. "From Puerto Rico, looks awesome," Canty wrote.
How to see Comet PanSTARRS at its peak
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MARCH 08, 2013
Alan Boyle, Science Editor, NBC News

The comet is expected to shine brighter than the stars of the Big Dipper (magnitude +2 to +1) over the weekend.
The challenge is that during this time of peak brightness, the comet will be visible quite low near the western horizon, just after sunset.
The farther north you are, the closer to the horizon you'll have to look. Those aren't exactly ideal conditions, especially if you have an obstructed view to the west, or if there are clouds on the horizon, or if there's significant haze in the air. The best viewing spots should be at higher elevations, far from haze and the glare of city lights, where the skies can get as dark as possible as soon as possible after sunset.
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