(Matt Ross ) "We put him into the wash, cleaned him up and he's back with us," Page concludes a retelling of the adventure. "It's so sweet that people we don't know at all … helped us."
Instagram Rescues Toddler's Toy from Trash
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MARCH 09, 2013
Rosa Golijan, TODAY Contributor

When a tourist took a photo of an abandoned plush bunny on a side street in Los Angeles, he didn't realize he was providing the key clue to help reunite a young boy with a precious gift from his dearly departed grandmother. The result was a small social-media miracle.
As soon as the bunny's absence was noted, a frantic search began. After all, it was a gift from Max's grandmother, who had passed away. "I decided to go the traditional route and put up posters," Frances Page, Max's mom, said. "My husband put a photo of the poster on Twitter and Instagram."
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