(Heidi Hoffman) Palmyra High School senior Adam Field (center), took seventh grader Brett Christian (right), to the prom Saturday night in Lincoln.
Cancer patient gets night at the prom
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APRIL 16, 2008
By Press Release, Cindy Lange-Kubick

That’s what Adam Field’s friends all said, when he told them who he was taking to his senior prom.
And that was the first thing out of his mom’s mouth when he came home from school on a Friday afternoon in March to ask her what she thought.
The senior at Palmyra High School had been sitting in anatomy class earlier that day when prom talk came up.
Who you going with, Adam?
I don’t know. I need a date.
Chevy Christian was sitting behind him.
Hey, why don’t you take my sister?
Chevy’s little sister Brett hadn’t been in school all year.
The seventh-grader had leukemia. The bad kind that mostly grown-ups get, with a 30 percent survival rate. Chevy and Adam played on the football team together, and played basketball, and ran track together, and they were good friends.
Adam was last year’s Homecoming king. He was president of FFA. He was a guy everyone liked. But he didn’t have a girlfriend at the moment.
Maybe I will, Adam said.
Chevy figured he was probably kidding.
But Adam went home and told his mom what he was thinking. She knew Brett. The whole town did. When you live in a place like Palmyra everyone is family. They’d gone to bake sales and spaghetti feeds and prayed for her to get well.
The next Monday, Adam sat down by Chevy in Pre-Cal.
So, is it really OK if I take Brett to prom?
And that’s how it was that a 12-year-old girl who loves horses and volleyball went shopping with her mom for a swirly pink and white dress and dark pink sandals.
And then went with her grandma to have her fingernails painted at Wal-Mart.
And then had her make-up done. Lipstick. Blush. Mascara. Even eyeliner!
And then got pretty tipped toenails, the kind that press-on so it would be easier for the doctors to get her ready for the test on her bone marrow two days after prom — the test that would let them know if these last chemo drugs were working and moving Brett closer to a bone marrow transplant.
Then she put on a pink scarf to cover her head, instead of her usual baseball cap.
Was she happy to be going to prom?
Oh. Yeah.
“She’s bouncing off the walls,” Brett’s Mom said Friday, the day before prom.
Brett had been at the end of a month-long stay in Room 510 at Children’s Hospital, when her mom asked her about the prom proposal.
“What?! What guy? Which Adam?”
Sure. Of course, she’d like to go.
Last week, they invited Adam over for spaghetti.
Brett’s mom made sure he’d drive safely and be good and have Brett home by midnight or when she got too tired, whichever came first.
And then Saturday came, with wrist corsages and picture-taking and riding in Adam’s dad’s red Mustang, with Chevy and his date, to Shogun.
Then on to prom itself, the hall decorated like Paris, with silver and gold and twinkling lights and marshmallows and strawberries to dip in runny chocolate fondue.
After the picture-taking Adam’s mom got misty-eyed, thinking how honored she was to be his mom.
Brett’s mom thought the same thing.
“He’s a great kid. He had five or 10 other dates he could have gone on and he stepped up to say this is my last prom and I’m taking Brett.”
Brett didn’t get tired Saturday night. She danced the slow dances and the fast dances. She danced with Adam and she danced with all her brother’s friends.
She took off her sandals and danced in her bare feet.
Adam had her home by midnight, and she knocked on her mom’s door to let her know she was back.
Her mom was asleep, so Brett put on her pjs and got in bed.
But Brett couldn’t get to sleep, she was so excited.
So she just lay there for a long time.
Thinking about what a really, really good time she had at her first prom.

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