From Food Truck to (Barbara Corcoran) Overnight Fame
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APRIL 17, 2013
Kate Rogers, Growing Your Business

Cousins Maine Lobster was the little food truck that could when it appeared on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” but with the Barbara Corcoran seal of approval, the business has taken off faster than its founders ever imagined.
The duo grew up together in Maine, but parted ways as Lomac moved out to California for a career in real estate and Tselikis traveled to Boston for a job with a medical devices company. In 2012, they decided to open Cousins Maine Lobster, a food truck that transplanted the fresh Maine lobster they grew up on out to the West Coast.
They certainly got their mentorship and growth—Corcoran invested $55,000 for a 15% stake in the company, which has since expanded to a second food truck an online marketplace that ships anywhere in the U.S., and a brick and mortar restaurant in Pasadena. But, they still haven’t touched the cash Corcoran gave them, because they “haven’t had to yet.”
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