Milton S. Hershey built many facilities in his lifetime, but the Health Center on Route 322 in Hershey, that once served both his students and the surrounding community for decades, holds special meaning for many, particularly those who were born there.

Serious structural problems prevent Milton Hershey School from renovating and repurposing the facility as previously planned, and the building will be demolished this spring. However, the old Health Center won't completely fade into history. Keepsake, commemorative bricks from the facility will be sold as a fundraiser for the Student Government Association Fund for Charitable Giving.

Members of the Hershey School's Student Government Association will personally clean and prepare bricks before plaques are affixed. To order your brick, please call 717-520-2060 or e-mail Wanda Hurst at: hurstw(at) The cost is $20.

Built in the 1930s, the School Health Center opened its doors to the local community in 1941 when the Hershey Community Hospital in the Community Center became inadequate. The facility served both students and community members until the Hershey Medical Center was built in 1970.

The building was in use until July 2008 when the first phase of the MHS Health Center expansion was completed. This east addition, where medical services are provided, will be joined to a new structure built in place of the old Health Center. In the new structure, perspective students will have physical exams, complete academic and psychological testing, and participate in admissions interviews.

Today, the Milton Hershey School, serves 1,400 children from across the country. It provides a home, food, clothing, medical care, and a quality education at no cost. We are looking for more children to take advantage of this great opportunity.

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