(Reuters) coral at the Great Barrier Reef
Nature Rebounds
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APRIL 24, 2009
Eazibee, HappyNews Columnist

Thanks to RTBH reader Paul for sending me this article today, which comes from the UK's Guardian newspaper.
It's perfect for Earth Day! And, funnily enough, it echoes something I posted about this time last year - post 187 on April 15th 2008 - about the amazing recovery of destroyed coral reefs. In that case, the reefs concerned had been damaged by underwater testing of nuclear warheads.
Today's article considers the Great Barrier Reef near Australia, part of which was bleached a few years ago due to warm seas and a suffocating seaweed that covered it. However, the reef has grown back, in very little time, amazing scientists with its resilience. The case is significant as it shows damaged reefs can recover swiftly if presented with the right conditions - previously, it was thought they needed to reproduce over many years. There's no room for complacency, though. Many of the world's reefs have died off in recent years. They'll recover if left to their own devices, it seems - provided we keep the seas around them healthy. A "natural compact," if you like...
Read the story: reasonstobehopeful.blogspot.com/2009/04/nature-rebounds.html

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