(Stock Photo/Yvonne Chamberlain) Experts say there are ten things every young child needs to boost his brain power. These are important because we want to give our children every advantage to be good learners.
Boosting Your Child’s Brain Power
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MAY 24, 2007
Craig Harris, HappyNews Columnist

Experts say there are ten things every young child needs to boost his brain power. These are important because we want to give our children every advantage to be good learners.
Early child development expert Dr. John Love says a baby’s brain is hardwired to learn, but it must be stimulated to do so. He also says this stimulation needs to take place during the golden window of opportunity – when he is very young – or it may hamper his ability to learn later.
Here are the ten things Dr. Love says have been proven to boost a baby’s brain power:
1. Interaction. Spend time each day watching and listening to your baby. A baby must see and hear you or his brain power and self concept will suffer.
2. Loving Touch. This should come easily, but in truth, not all babies are held and touched as much as they should be. It is critical that a baby be held, hugged and cradled often each and every day.
3. Stable Relationships. Babies need consistency, just like older children. Fear and uncertainty thwart growth, so children need loving, consistent relationship with adults.
4. A Safe, Healthy, Environment. If children are going to grow up healthy and intelligent, they need a good, safe place to live and explore. Be sure to plug unused electrical outlets, blocks stairs, lock cabinets, and keep small or breakable items out of their reach.
5. Self Esteem. Be sure to be positive with your interaction with your child. When children misbehave, try to see it as a chance to teach and not punish. Let your child know that you think she is smart, pretty and worthwhile.
6. Quality Child Care. So many children are in child care these days and it is very important that children are in a quality facility. Dr. Love says to make sure the facility is filled with workers who love children. Where they teach and nurture children, interacting with them throughout the day. He says a place where children sit alone in cribs for hours or where they sit and watch TV all day can harm a child’s development.
7. Communication. We’ve already discussed interaction, but this involves specifically talking to your children. Children learn their speaking and communication skills from their parents so parents need to talk to their children early and often.
8. Play. Play is one of the most important activities a baby can do. He needs the stimulation of playing with toys, other children and his parents. Parents must remember to play with their children every day because this is one of the most important ways children learn.
9. Music. This one may be one of the easiest to forget, but it is very important. Music helps teach math skills, communication skills, language, counting, etc. Studies have shown that young children exposed to music fare better on intelligence tests later.
10. Reading. Parents need to read to their children every day. We start by reading to babies, then continue until they older children. Find books with lots of pictures and let them tell you about the pictures when they are old enough. If we can make a child love reading at an early age, he will be a reader for life.
Dr. Love said it is important that babies see lots of bright colors. Make sure their rooms are brightly lit and colorful. Hang mobiles over their cribs and find them colorful toys to play with. Fill their environment with color, music (not too loud), talking, hugs, play, and love and they will be a step ahead intellectually and in their self-esteems.

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