(Homeless World Cup) The Homeless World Cup has triggered and supports grass roots football projects in over 70 nations working with over 30,000 homeless and excluded people throughout the year.
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JUNE 24, 2010
Homeless World Cup

The Homeless World Cup has launched a brand new initiative, Football Box, a football coaching education programme with equipment that can travel to the far corners of the globe to deliver the benefits of football to homeless people in the most deprived environments in our world.
One Football Box delivers football coaching education with equipment for five homeless people to work with 100 homeless players in their community. It costs just £500 to fund one football box that can reach 100 homeless people with the benefits of football. So a £5 donation can make a world of difference to one homeless person. We'd love your help to fund a Football Box here.
The Football Box coaching education programme was tried and tested in India with Homeless World Cup partners, Slum Soccer in 2009. It provided the opportunity for homeless people to adopt a healthy training routine, become part of a team, acquire coaching skills and regain their self-respect from which to build the foundations of a new life. Players are encouraged to use this experience as a springboard to become; coaches, referees, trainers and leaders in their community.
What's in a football box?
Football coaching education and equipment to reach 100 homeless players with the benefits of football, including:
5 Coaching Manuals
5 Leadership Training Places
5 Coach Shirts
5 Coach Kit Bags
5 Football Pumps
20 Footballs
60 Bibs
60 Cones
Buy one here: www.homelessworldcup.org/store/store/football-box
Donate here: www.justgiving.com