Texas Teen Wins Team State Championship - By Herself!
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JUNE 06, 2009
David Johnson, Citizen Journalist

Bonnie Richardson, from tiny Rochelle, Texas (population 600), has accomplished what no other Texas high school track and field athlete has ever achieved: back-to-back team state championships by herself.
Typically humble,Richardson didn't get too excited. "My family already did the math," Richardson said while waiting for her celebratory prime rib sandwich at Red Robin restaurant. "They were jumping up and down; it was kind of embarrassing." Since Rochelle High School has no track, Richardson, who is this year's entire girls' track team, practices at nearby Brady High School.
How does she feel? "I'm tired and glad it's over," Richardson said. "High school's officially over." The valedictorian in a class of 14 at Brady High School, Richardson has committed to Texas A&M. "I hope not to look stupid because of the age difference with some of the athletes I'll be competing against," Richardson said. "I'm playing catch-up."
At the start of her junior year, Richardson had decided on academic pursuits in lieu of athletic dreams. "Then I started winning and people started calling," she said. "I changed my mind because the coaches gave me confidence."
After two state titles, Richardson does have one regret. "I wish I hadn't stuck with the same five events, that I had branched out more," she said. "I would've [liked to] have vaulted, but we don't have the money or interest in Rochelle to have a pit. I've never done hurdles, and I want to."
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