Couple Buys $5 Garage Sale Chair Worth Thousands
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JUNE 06, 2013

One year ago Sarah Keepers and James Hull of Littleton, Colorado purchased a “unique” looking chair from a garage sale for $5, which ended up being the bargain of a lifetime. Typically the couple would visit garage sales looking for items for their re-sale business, “Shabby Chic.” Keepers told KDVR Fox 31 Denver, that they bought the old plywood chair because it, “…seemed to have character.” For a while Hull used it as a video game chair, sitting in it while he played. Eventually it was put in the garage where it collected dust.
After nearly a year passed, the couple decided to clean out their garage and that’s when they discovered how unique the chair really was. Keepers explained, “I was about to donate the chair to the Goodwill, but something told me to check out the silver decal label underneath the chair. When I did, it had the designer’s name…Charles and Ray Eames and the Herman Miller brand name right there for all to see.” The wooden antique was an original Eames molded plywood chair by the renowned designers and made in western Michigan in 1946. Creations by the celebrated artists are revered by fans of mid-century modern design. Carie Mueller, Herman Miller Market Manager in Denver said, “When that chair was actually introduced in 1946, it right away went into the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art.” She added, “To find an antique like that, an original for $5 is an amazing deal.” While the exact value of this find is not known, in the past these originals have sold for $14,000-$140,000.
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