How One Tweeted Photo Inspired Hundreds to Share Photos of Their Happiest Times
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JULY 12, 2013

A sports journalist who shared a heartwarming photo has launched an inspiring trend on Twitter as thousands of others decided to join the feel-good movement.
Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch thought that the backstory behind three brothers hugging after a hockey tournament added an emotional context for the scene. In that particular photo's case, one of the elder brothers rushed to be at his victorious sibling's side after spending more than six weeks in the hospital.
'I thought to myself how remarkable it was to have an image of what was clearly one of the best moments of Steven's life. I wondered: How many others have a similar image?' Mr Deitsch said. 'I could never have expected what came next.'
By tweeting that one quandary to his followers, he opened the virtual floodgates and thousands began sharing their heartwarming photos of of wedding days, hospital stays, and relatives passed.
More than 200 of the journalist's nearly 86,000 Twitter followers replied, all of them sharing their personal moments and in turn adding to the emotional gallery.
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