(Classy Awards) A CLASSY Award is one of the most prestigious recognitions within the nonprofit industry. The CLASSYs have become a nationally-recognized honor, awarded to the most outstanding and compelling philanthropic achievers by their peers and supporters. Beyond this recognition, the intrinsic value of the CLASSY Awards lies in the opportunity for charitable organizations to tell their stories and spread awareness for their causes.
Classy Awards Recognize Greatest Charitable Achievements
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JULY 17, 2012
By Press Release

The CLASSY Awards is the largest philanthropic awards ceremony in the country, celebrating the greatest charitable achievements by nonprofit organizations, socially conscious businesses, and individuals worldwide. In 2011, nearly 2,000 organizations and volunteers were nominated for a CLASSY Award, and their collective efforts impacted the lives of more than 200,000,000 people in 71 countries worldwide.
Voting is now underway for the 2012 awards.
Read more about it: www.stayclassy.org/classy-awards