(Ripleys Believe It or Not!) ) The all-new fourth installment in the highly successful annual series, Ripley’s Believe it or Not! The Remarkable Revealed is the biggest and best yet.
Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Releases Newest Book
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JULY 26, 2007
By Press Release

The all-new fourth installment in the highly successful annual series, Ripley’s Believe it or Not! The Remarkable Revealed (Ripley Publishing, $28.95 US, $34.95 Canada, August 7, 2007) is the biggest and best yet. Jam-packed with wacky tales of the world’s weirdest people, places and creatures, The Remarkable Revealed will thrill the reader with 256 pages of riveting facts and jaw-dropping images.
Highlights include:
• Full-page features of themed collections such as bizarre buildings, curious creations, albino animals, competitive eating champions and contortionists.
• In-Depth pages featuring Q and A interviews with full-color photos that uncover “the story behind the story” of fascinating BIONs.
• Historical features that explore the Ripley empire in its early days, when the great Robert Ripley’s celebrity was at its zenith; including a selection from the millions of letters that Ripley received from the general public that are sure to amuse.
Take a look inside...
Animal Antics...
Equestrian creations: “Cholla” the horse loves to paint! The paintings are so good the owner sells them. She also gives from her proceeds to support animal charities. (pg. 105)
Relaxed Lizards: Meet 11-year old Lily Capehart who has the uncanny ability to hypnotize lizards. The lizards become so relaxed she is able to dress them up in outrageous outfits! (pg. 238)
The Cat with the Golden Fangs: An American dentist has spent $1,900 on his one-year-old Persian cat for gold crowns to ensure that the bottom two protruding canines would not break off. (pg. 116)
Super Sniffer: “Duo,” a bull terrier pup from England was born with an extreme cleft lip, which has given him the appearance of having 2 noses! (pg. 118)
“Not-So-Ordinary” People...
Never judge a book by its cover: Read about the one and only completely tattooed and pierced man who legally changed his name to “The Scary Guy.” Scary travels the world sharing a message of love, peace and non-violence – specializing in lectures for high school students! (pg. 223).
Fast Talking Adventurer: Catch up with the world’s fastest talking female, Fran Capo and read about her latest adventure to the Titanic. (pg. 222)
DJ Junior: A little kid with a big reputation…groove to 6-year old Avante Price’s beat. He’s been scratching out tunes on the turntable since the age of 3! (pg. 224)
Fantastic Feats...
See No Evil: As a child growing up in Ecuador, Angelo Del Monaco worshiped famed motorcycle stunt man Evel Knievel after watching the movie “Viva Knievel”…20 years later, Angelo is still performing motorcycle stunts in New Jersey that even Knievel would be proud of. Recently, Del Monaco allowed 128 motorcycles to run over his body while he lay under a 150 lb plank! (pg 214)
Mighty Man: David Gonzales performs impressive incredible feats of strength in his spare time! Push-ups on glass, cements blocks broken over his groin or steel bars bent over his head – you name it…he’ll do it! (pg. 147)
All Tied Up: A true professional in the field of escapology, Dean Gunnerson is always dreaming up the next big escape. Whether he is entombed in wet cement or dangling upside down over the Grand Canyon – he continues to “push the envelope”! (pg. 130-131)
“Car Hurdler:” Jeff Clay was the winner of the 2006 Dear Mr. Ripley Contest. This Georgia man can perform the astonishing feat of hurdling – length-ways – over a car! Clay, who hurdles in the correct style of track athletes, also hurdles cars width-ways, and once jumped 101 cars that were lined up inside a track stadium in 38 minutes. (pg 152-153)
Kooky Collections...
Sticks and Stones: Read about a unique collection of hand played and signed drumsticks from some of the most famous and influential drummers and bands of all time. Collection includes over 1000 pairs of sticks and many of them are accompanied by personal notes from the musicians, including The Rolling Stones, REM, and U2. (pg. 229)
Polished Art: Find out how this grandmother from Mississippi discovered how to paint beautiful, fine-art portraits and murals with regular drug store variety nail polish! (pg. 146)
Celebrity Junk drawers: Celebrities like Tommy Lee and Donald Trump are sending the contents of their ‘junk drawers’ to mosaic portrait artist Jason Mecier - and they are duly impressed with the quirky life-like results! He has also created portraits of Pamela Anderson, Christina Aguilera, Dolly Parton and The Spice Girls out of candy; Martha Stewart from vegetables and Demi Moore out of dog food! (pg. 63)
The Weird and the Wacky...
Feejee Mermaids: …and other creepy curiosities are what you’ll see from Florida artist Juan Cabana. His “Sea Monster” creations are very life-like as they are created from fish skins, teeth, and bones - gathered at a local fish market - and pieces from other sea creatures washed ashore. (pg. 160-161)
Butt its Art!: Avant-garde “butt print” artist Stan Murmer creates quite a stir with his unusual painting technique. (pg. 52)
Far Out!: Jalisa Mae Thompson was the winner of Ripley’s Atlantic City Museum’s 10th annual Funny Face Contest. You won’t believe your eyes when you see this gal “pop out” her eyeballs and curl her tongue – all at the same time! (pg. 72)
Texas Ranger Snake Man: Fear has no hold on Jackie Bibby. This genuine Texas showman can wrangle 10 western diamondback rattlesnakes - dangling from his mouth! (pg 206).
Did you know...
• Jack Kerouac wrote the classic novel On The Road in 20 days, typing it onto a 119 ft-long scroll!
• In 2006, a half-eaten egg salad sandwich from Britney Spears was posted on e-Bay by an unscrupulous waiter. The sandwich sold for $500.
• The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco has enough steel wires in its cables to circle the Equator 3.5 times.