(Flickr/detritus ) The Loop/Rillito River Path—Tucson, Ariz
America's 19 Best City Bike Paths
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JULY 26, 2013

While bike lanes are nice (when they’re not blocked by double-parked cars, that is), nothing quite puts cycling on par with driving like a dedicated bike path. A great path can make city cycling a truly different experience: you can skip traffic, commune with nature and see the city from a new angle. In some cases, paths can even get you out of town as fast as you can pedal.
Bayshore Bikeway—San Diego
How many bike paths end with a boat ride? An ambitious project conceived in the 1970s and only just now nearing completion, the Bayshore Bikeway is a 25-mile loop encircling San Diego Bay, the last portion of which is a ferry connection between Coronado and San Diego. The majority of the palm tree-lined path is separate from traffic—in its current state, just under half of the bikeway uses bike lanes on city streets—and planners hope it may one day prove to be a faster way for many people to commute between cities than the freeway. For now, the path mostly serves recreational purposes.
Marvin Braude Bike Trail—Greater Los Angeles
The car is king in Los Angeles, but if you want to skip the highways and surface streets, there’s always 22 miles of beachfront riding on the Marvin Braude Bike Trail. It begins at Will Rogers State Beach in the Pacific Palisades and passes through Santa Monica, Venice and other beachside cities all the way to Torrance—rarely out of sight of shore.
The Loop/Rillito River Path—Tucson, Ariz.
While not yet complete, this ambitious 55-mile multi-use loop around metro Tucson will connect several existing greenways into a single continuous path that passes within a mile of 60 percent of the region’s population, county administrator C.H. Huckleberry told a local news station. One of those greenways, the Rillito River Path runs along both sides of the (mostly dry) river of the same name and is mostly paved for its 12 miles, skirting the Catalina Foothills in the north of the city. Well used by cyclists, joggers and horseback riders alike, the popular trail showcases the desert scenery in this bike-friendly city.
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