Hogan & Hartson Make Pro Bono Effort to Create Settlement in Black Canyon
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By Press Release, Business Wire

Lawyers in the Denver office of Hogan & Hartson LLP donated more than 2,300 hours of pro bono work to help leading conservation groups secure a proposed settlement concerning water flow in Colorado’s Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.
Hogan & Hartson partner Andy Spielman represented seven conservation groups during nine months of negotiations that involved more than 60 parties, including the federal government, irrigators in the Gunnison basin, hydroelectric producers, recreationalists and downstream towns. In a team effort, the firm worked with Drew Peternell of Trout Unlimited and Bart Miller of Western Resource Advocates, as well as representing the National Parks Conservation Association, Wilderness Society, High County Citizens Alliance, Environmental Defense Fund, Trout Unlimited, West Slope Environmental Resource Council, and the Western Colorado Congress.
As a result of the proposed settlement, the park’s water flow will be set at a year-round base of 300 cubic feet per second, with adjustments for annual peaks and shoulder flows that are tied to natural inflow each year. This scenario will promote a healthier environment for trout and clear downstream debris while maintaining the river’s scenic appeal for visitors of the popular national park.
The Colorado court settlement followed Hogan & Hartson’s victory in federal court last year, which was led by partner Ed Aro, also of the Denver office and Mary Anne Sullivan of the firm's Washington office.
"Considering the number of organizations and interests involved, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison water settlement epitomizes the tremendous complexities of environmental negotiation," said Spielman. "What’s truly encouraging is how everyone’s needs were addressed with integrity to create a workable compromise for all."
The settlement was presented to the water court in early June, with final approval expected in the next few months.
"The agreement recognizes the importance of Black Canyon National Park and the need to preserve its spectacular resources for the benefit of our children and grandchildren," said Elizabeth Fayad, general counsel for the National Parks Conservation Association in Washington, D.C. "The environmental community has been well-served by Hogan & Hartson and is grateful for the firm’s commitment to so many important land and water issues."
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