In an amazing act of love that turned tragedy into triumph a soldier has given donated his heart to another person who desperately needed one.
Corporal Ben Kopp, a Ranger in the US Army, was wounded while on his 3rd tour of duty in Afghanistan. He was transported to Germany, and then to Walter Reed Hospital. Because of the loss of a great amount of blood he suffered a cardiac arrest, which then led to brain death.
In an interview on the Fox and Friends morning show his mother Jill Stephenson said there was never a doubt as to what to do next. He had marked his Minnesota driver's license that he wanted to be an organ doner, and had also signed a living will before he went to Afghanistan.
His pancreas, liver, kidneys, and heart were donated for others.
Judy Meikle, the recipient of Corporal Kopp's heart, said "I've been part of a miracle in the way everything worked out! In Jill's darkest hour she put others before herslef. This just shows the bravery of Jill and her war-hero son!"
Kopp's mother described him as "a great guy; a lot of fun; a young man who made the most of every minute of life."