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Be Kind to Humankind: Lend a Hand
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AUGUST 14, 2010
Lorraine Jara, BK2HK.org

Offer someone your time, help, or a shoulder to lean on today. It does not have to be anything grand or large. Although we would not discourage that, even the smallest bit of help to someone is great! The tiniest act of kindness goes a long way.
Lend A Hand – hearttouch.org
Ordinary People Making Extraordinary Differences
Care Communities - www.interfaithcarealliance.org
Teams providing practical and compassionate support for people with serious illness
Take the initiative to go out and help a sick person.
Offer to help a friend move, or at least pack for the move.
Take an elderly person out food shopping or to the doctor’s office if needed.
Offer to pick up groceries for a homebound person.
Volunteer for community projects.
Offer to give someone a ride to the doctors office for same-day-surgery.
Offer to take in your neighbors mail/newspaper if he or she is on vacation.
Offer to feed your neighbors pet if they go on vacation.
Offer to baby sit for your friend/relative or neighbors child if they need a day or evening out.
Offer, offer, offer and offer some more!