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Be Kind to Humankind: Forgive Your Foe
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AUGUST 23, 2010
Lorraine Jara, BK2HK.org

Try to find enough forgiveness in your heart to alleviate the anger, confusion, or hatred you may be feeling towards other people or even towards yourself. Anger is dangerous and can lead us to make foolish mistakes. We have seen too many crimes committed by the lack of control of anger.
Give it your best effort to try and forgive - for your sake and for the sake of others.
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Exploring forgiveness, reconciliation and conflict resolution in prisons, schools, faith communities, and with any group who wants to explore the nature of forgiveness, whether in the wider political context or within individual lives.
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Be the first to make the move towards reconciliation.
Look into books on the topic of forgiving.
Put yourself in the offender's shoes. Try to understand him or her.
Be prepared for your efforts of reconciliation to be rejected by your foe. Her or she may not wish to forgive you, but you can move on knowing that you did the right thing.
Be prepared for disappointment.
Avoid any outbursts of anger or arguments with your foe. It is a waste of time and energy. It is easier to walk away from the situation.