(AFP - Getty Images file) Prince Harry, pictured in June, will visit the U.S. as part of his military helicopter training.
Attention, California Girls: Prince Harry’s On His Way
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AUGUST 25, 2011
Amy DiLuna, MSNBC

Look out, Harry Hunters of America: The “wild child” prince will soon be within your sights.
Prince Harry will travel to California this year to complete his Apache helicopter training, his spokesman confirmed to The Daily.
Harry's mouthpiece Nick Loughran said that the army captain “will be coming to the States at some point in the next couple of months for a handful of courses” that will take him to California and Arizona.
Harry's brother and sister-in-law, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, also visited Canada and California, back in July. Though their trip included splashy, high-profile events, Harry is unlikely to hobnob with celebrities. Instead, he may visit an Apache pilot training center in Mesa, Ariz. After completing his training in two or three months, his spokesman estimated, he'll be assigned to a U.K. Apache squadron that may be deployed to a war zone. (Harry's no stranger to active service: In 2007, he served 10 weeks in Afghanistan.)
On Thursday, the prince met with emergency services and residents affected by the London riots, posing for a photo with firefighters who continued to work through the chaos. Harry praised the crew's "bravery," telling them, "as an army officer, I really respect the work you guys do," the BBC reported.
His good deeds have not gone unnoticed: Female fans of the 26-year-old prince have been dubbed the "Harry Hunters" for their relentless attempts to get an audience with the bachelor. And news out of Britain is likely to whip the American contingent into a frenzy: Harry has reportedly split from lingerie model Florence Brudenell-Bruce

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